Peer Review

At Public Health and Preventive Medicine Archive (PHPMA), we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of scholarly integrity and excellence in the publication of research. Our peer review process is a critical component of ensuring the quality and credibility of the articles we publish.

1. Submission and Preliminary Assessment:

  • Authors submit their manuscripts through our online submission system.
  • The editorial team conducts a preliminary assessment to ensure adherence to submission guidelines and basic ethical standards.

2. Assignment to Reviewers:

  • Manuscripts passing the preliminary assessment are assigned to qualified and experienced peer reviewers.
  • Reviewers are selected based on their expertise in the subject matter to provide insightful and constructive feedback.

3. Blind Peer Review:

  • PHPMA follows a double-blind peer review process, ensuring the anonymity of both authors and reviewers.
  • Reviewers evaluate the manuscript's originality, methodology, significance, and overall quality.

4. Reviewer Feedback:

  • Reviewers provide detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.
  • Authors receive constructive comments aimed at improving the clarity, methodology, and overall presentation of their work.

5. Editorial Decision:

  • The editorial team considers the reviewers' comments and makes an informed decision on the manuscript.
  • Possible decisions include acceptance, minor/major revisions, or rejection.

6. Author Revision:

  • If revisions are requested, authors are invited to revise their manuscripts based on the reviewers' and editor's comments.
  • Revised manuscripts undergo a follow-up review to ensure the incorporation of feedback.

7. Final Decision and Publication:

  • The final decision is made based on the revised manuscript and the authors' responses.
  • Accepted articles are prepared for publication, including copyediting, typesetting, and DOI assignment.

8. Post-Publication Review:

  • PHPMA encourages ongoing scholarly discussion. Readers may provide comments on published articles, fostering a post-publication review process.

We appreciate the dedication of our reviewers in ensuring the quality and validity of the research we publish. The peer review process at PHPMA is designed to uphold the highest standards of academic rigor and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in public health and preventive medicine.